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There has been an Episcopal community in Niagara Falls since 1823.  Not too many decades ago, there were four Episcopal Churches in Niagara Falls.  Now there are two. 

There were precursor chapels to St. Peter’s built in 1829 and 1849.  The cornerstone of the present structure was laid in 1873.  Designed by Henry Dudley, our massive Gothic Revival church with its steep roof and crenellated towers has been preserved in near original condition.  A more detailed history can be found

St Peter’s and the community it serves are under stress and transition.  Niagara Falls has 18% fewer residents than it had in 1990, and 50% fewer than it had in 1970.  The industrial jobs are gone.  25% of the population have family incomes that place them below the federal poverty level; another 24% have family incomes that teeter just above the federal poverty level.  55% of rental units are of substandard condition.  Major employment is tied to the hospitality industry and tends to be seasonal, part-time, and not highly paid. There are many needs.

Like an ecclesiastical Rip Van Winkle, St. Peter’s is coming out of a long period of hibernation.  We are entering a period of intentional study and discernment about our place within the Mission of God.  We are connecting with community agencies who are already serving our urban population.  We are looking at ways to directly minister to hospitality workers and the 3 million visitors who make the pilgrimage to Niagara Falls each year.  We are trying some new things.

Our intention is to reflect the hospitality of God.  You may just need to find a place of prayer and refuge within this sacred space.  Our Sunday worship service is traditional, but not stuffy.  Our clergy are not very traditional, and trend toward the eclectic.  We have a wonderful old pipe organ and an organist who knows how to use it.  We have a working Sunday School… itself a rarity in this day and age.  Our congregation is decidedly quirky… like Dickens novel quirky. 

So, know that you are welcome regardless of whatever fear or excuse you have to the contrary.   You are God’s child, and we invite you to come home.

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Niagara Falls Episcopal Urban Ministry - 140 Rainbow Blvd - Niagara Falls, NY 14303