St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Ash Wednesday Schedule

6am-8am                                   Niagara Falls Medical Center                     Ashes to Go

10:45am-11:45am                     Community Missions                                  Ashes to Go

12noon                                      St. Peter's                                       Liturgy for Ash Wednesday

                                                                                                        including homily & Eucharist

2:30p-4pm                                 3rd St. & Old Falls Blvd                             Ashes to Go

4:30pm-6:30pm                        Top's, NFTS Depot - Portage Road             Ashes to Go

7p - 8:30p                                  Niagara Falls Medical Center                     Ashes to Go

Why “Ashes to Go”?

The imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday is an ancient sign of penitence. From the Middle Ages it became the custom to begin Lent by being marked in ash with the sign of the cross. The reminder that we are dust turns our attention to the creative power of God, and God’s ability to heal the brokenness in our lives when we offer that brokenness to God. That turning to God is the work of Lent, preparation for the celebration of Easter.

We will be offering ashes on street corners, parking lots, and workplaces on Ash Wednesday,  March 1, 2017,  because we believe that reminder of need, humility, and healing shouldn’t be confined to a church building. We probably need it more when we are in the middle of our daily business! The ashes we receive here are to remind us throughout the day of our need for God, and of God’s call to us.

Watch this space for times and locations.

There is much more to the beginning of Lent than ashes alone, and we encourage you to make time for worship with a community of faith, for the support of others and of the great traditions of faith in our work of repentance and renewal. But God meets us not just in worship, but in the midst of life, and we offer the opportunity to remember our faith to those whose schedules make it hard to stop and pray with others today.

And, yes, there will also be a complete, traditional liturgy at noon inside at St. Peter's.

[See press release here.]

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