Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.

Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers,

you too will prosper. --Jeremiah 29:7

Vestry Announces Guillemont Grants.  Every year, St. Peter's invites community agencies to submit specific project proposals for funding from our Guillemont Trust.  Some agencies we fund every year. This year we added a new grantee. For 2017, Vestry has awarded six grants. You may click on each link to read more about any agency:

Bless those whose lives are closely linked with ours,

and grant that we may serve Christ in them,

and love one another as he loves us. --Book of Common Prayer, 388.

St. Peter's Keys

Feast of St. Francis: Blessing of the Animals.  St. Peter's will bless pets, service animals, livestock, and "all creatures great and small" on  Saturday October 7th at 5pm.  Animals in attendance must be properly restrained. Stuffed animals-- accompanied by a young owner-- as well as photos of loved, recently deceased pets, are welcomed, as well. The event commemorates the ministry of St. Francis of Assisi who was known for preaching to the birds and having a special relationship with the wilder elements of God's creation.

Niagara Falls Episcopal Urban Ministry - 140 Rainbow Blvd - Niagara Falls, NY 14303 

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

"We have had some problems with that hotel," said St. Peter's Warden Emeritus Thomas Ashford.  His comments were made at Governor Cuomo's tour and the announcement of yet another handoff to the third developer in a decade to tackle the restoration of our next door neighbor: The Hotel Niagara. Thomas was one of five representatives from St. Peter's at the event. This could be a game changer for downtown. Needless to say, St. Peter's leadership will be watching the proposed project closely and already has plans to meet with the developer.

See the Buffalo News story (where Thomas is featured)  here  and the Niagara Gazette story  here.

Click above link for more

Your Vestry is making good headway on their consultation with Fr. Doc.  They have made the courageous decision to seek the full-time clergy leadership of someone who will live in Niagara Falls, with an intentional focus on missional ministry to our neighbors here in the city.

Confirmations, Commissioning, Blessing and Sending

Please continue to support and pray for you vestry as they discern St. Peter's future in the Mission of God.

  • This will be a major cultural shift for many in the parish. A graphic depicting the difference between church mission and church maintenance can be found on the resource page here.
  • Fr. Doc's initial report on the consultation can also be found there as well.

The Right Reverend William Franklin made a visitation to St Peter's over labor Day Weekend.  We put him to work.

  • Bishop Bill meet with Vestry to review their work (see story below).
  • Karman and Carmella Cruz were confirmed.
  • The Vestry and Search Committee were commissioned for their task of choosing the new Rector of St Peter's. See prayer here.
  • Michelle Barger received our blessing and sending forth for her move to North Carolina. See prayer here.
  • Thomas Ashford was recognised for his many years of service and named our first ever Warden Emeritus. His family arrived from across the country to help us celebrate. See the dedicatory here.
  • The community then retreated to The Como for lunch.

It was a glorious day. We thank Bonnie Mallam for her coordination and the many hands that made it possible!  Photos are below, so feel free to grab what you wish. Others may be added when they are sent to

  • Vestry met on August with The Rev. Vicki Zust the Bishop's Deputy for Deployment.  She will:
    • Present us to the Transitional Ministry Conference  which represents over a quarter of the dioceses in the U.S.
    • Will do initial screening and interview of candidates, check references, etc.
    • present us with no more than six vetted candidates.
    • Assist us with the technical aspects of the video interviews.
    • Assist us with preparation for visits of the finalists
  • Vestry reviewed with Bp. Franklin during his visit on September 3rd.