St. Peter's Parish Picnic

Sunday, August 20th

The Anderson's

2346 Long Road

Grand Island, NY 14072

Eucharist 12 Noon

Please bring a dish to pass

For more information call:

Janice @ (716) 775-6701

Ask Professor Church

Dear Professor Church: The local newspaper calls St. Peter's an "Episcopalian Church" and my mother-in-law calls me an "Episcopal."  That doesn't sound right. Can you help?

With Sunday School out for the summer, it is an opportunity to try some news things, particularly with youth trying some new roles within the congregation. Expect to see new faces among acolytes and readers.  There will be a resource called The Sunday Paper available with crayons for use in the pews-- bored adults are urged to let the kids have first dibs on these. Quiet toys are fine in the pews and can be brought up and blessed during communion.

Your Vestry is making good headway on their consultation with Fr. Doc.  They have made the courageous decision to seek the full-time clergy leadership of someone who will live in Niagara Falls, with an intentional focus on missional ministry to our neighbors here in the city.

My dear, Professor Church can neither make local reporters use the NYT Style Book, nor give your mother-in-law a brain transplant. But, "Episcopalian" is a noun, and "Episcopal" is an adjective.  Thus: you are an Episcopalian and attend an Episcopal Church. We will pray for local reporters. In-laws are best left to the mercy of God.  And, while we're at it: In Anglican usage, "Reverend" is an adjective, not a noun. Thus, "our priest is "The Reverend Constance Longpreacher"  would be correct, rather than "Constance Longpreacher is our Reverend."   

Please continue to support and pray for you vestry as they discern St. Peter's future in the Mission of God.

Thou shalt not take thy service booklet homeIn order to make our worship more user friendly for visitors, Vestry directed our poor, itinerant clergy to produce a seasonal service booklet rather than use the Prayer Book. These expensive, color booklets are meant to be reused weekly, but seem to disappear at an alarming rate. Please leave the booklets in your pew (you may take all the inserts).

St. Peter's Keys

The Bishop is coming!  September 3rd. Yes, it is a special visit not on the diocesan calendar.  Confirmations. Lunch. Meeting with the Vestry. Bonnie Mallam is the Grand Coordinator.

 Save the Date: Saturday, October 7th, 4pm-- we will honor the Feast of St. Francis with a Blessing of the Animals.  More details to follow. 

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Niagara Falls Episcopal Urban Ministry - 140 Rainbow Blvd - Niagara Falls, NY 14303 

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

  • This will be a major cultural shift for many in the parish. A graphic depicting the difference between church mission and church maintenance can be found on the resource page here.
  • Fr. Doc's initial report on the consultation can also be found there as well.
  • Vestry will meet on August 1st at 6p with The Rev. Vicki Zust who will be presenting us to the Transitional Ministry Conference in September, and also will review its work with Bp. Franklin when he visits on September 3rd.